Do you want to send us a demo?

Are you a new producer that thinks you have what it takes?

Are you an established producer looking to work with a label that is passionate and committed to its artists and their music?

Yes…? Well we could be the label for you! 

Broken Audio Recordings have a reputation for seeking out and releasing cutting edge new music. We have helped nurture and develop a number of leading producers in the electronic music scene and are happy to accept demos from both new and established artists that want to join our growing portfolio of successful musicians.

However, before you send us your material, we would ask that you read our demo tips below 

Demo Tips:

1. Please make sure your music is the sort of thing we would be interested in. The easiest way to do that would be to listen to some of our previous releases and familiarise yourself with the style and quality of the tracks we have already signed. In very simple terms, we are looking for fresh ideas that are well produced and will create the right vibe.

2.  Although most of our output is drum & bass based, we are not ones for pigeon holes. We love good music period, so if you have produced the next great techno or hip hop anthem, send it to us… As we said above, fresh ideas, quality and vibes are key.

3. Please make sure any demos you send to us are finished tracks that are mixed down to a reasonable standard. We will not listen to any clips of unfinished tracks, so please do not send them to us.

4. We only accept demos that are in MP3 320kbps digital format and uploaded via to our email address.  Please make sure you include your artist name and track details, plus a contact email address in the filename. Unfortunately we are unable to return any files that are sent to us. 

5. We are music producers ourselves and will always try to drop you a line or two by way of thanks or feedback as we know it sometimes helps. However, please note that we do receive a lot of material, so occasionally this isn’t always possible.

And finally…

If we refuse a track, or you don’t hear back from us, please don’t take offence or give up… The standard out there is very high and music is a subjective medium… One man’s killer is another’s filler 


Craig & Tony

Broken Audio Recordings

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