John Rolodex


John Rolodex is a music producer, Dj, and multimedia artist from Edmonton and is considered one of the pioneers of the drum and bass genre in Canada. His music took the industry by storm in the early 2000s leading to support from every major figure in the genre including legends like Goldie, Dillinja, London Electricity, Pendulum, Krust and Doc Scott. His music was regularly featured by the late John Peel on his venerable BBC Radio 1 show.

His music has been released on some of the most iconic labels in the drum and bass including Metalheadz, Hospital, V Recordings and Dread. John has headlined events in dozens of cities across Europe and North America including: Amsterdam, Budapest, Chicago, Copenhagen, London, Los Angeles, Munich, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Oslo. His three-year run on Bassdrive.com led to new fans across the globe, with an audience of roughly two thousand every week.

John has directed music videos and completed scoring work for film and television. His current focus is on audiovisual work, combining elements from his ever-expanding sound design repertoire and his emanant abstract visual aesthetic.

John is the founding partner in Machinist Music, which has released music from established and emerging artists from around the globe since 2010.

Photo Credit: Agata Raymond



1. Describe your music in less than 20 words?
An inconsistent, schizophrenic mess of breakbeats, bass and mechanical noises that sounds like it was made by 4 or 5 different people.

2. What is the high point of your musical career to date?
When Goldie told Doc Scott “I’m signing this kid” in my mom’s car in 2002. Too bad my time with headz was so brief.

3. Name a track by another producer you wish you had made?
Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction: I’ll never make anything that elegant. But I’ll keep trying anyway.

4. Desert Island Discs: Name three tracks you could not be without?
Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby, Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. 2 & Doc Scott - The Unofficial Ghost.

5. Favorite Studio Tool?
DMG Audio Equilibrium

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